How much do you cost?

Fascination has built  a fantastic reputation by providing top level entertainment at great prices.  As fees vary according to the event, distance, play and set up times etc. it is best to contact us direct for a quote

Can I hear or see you before booking?

Many of the events Fascination play are private.  However, we try to play public events on a regular basis to ensure clients can always see the band

How much space do you need?

5m x 3m is usually sufficient

How long do you play for?

2 x 60 min or 3 x 45 min sets as standard but of course this can be tailored

What time will you set up and play?

We need 90 minutes to set up and sound check.  We would typically  arrive at a venue around 5pm and play the first set between 9pm and 10pm, have a short break and finish the second set just before midnight

How far will you travel?

We usually play within a two hour drive of Northampton but we can travel nationwide and abroad

How loud do you play?

Many venues now employ sound limiters.  As a live band there is a minimum volume that we can realistically play at and maintain a party atmosphere.   However, we will always adapt the volume according to the venue and pride ourselves on being able to tailor our sound to fit both the size and mood of the event

Will you take requests?

We would prefer not to ‘busk’ on an event to ensure the band sounds it’s best, however,  with some reasonable notice we can easily learn a few numbers or tailor the sets to a specific event  theme

What else will the band need?

The band is self-contained and provides all the professional sound and lighting equipment associated with a live performance. Technically, we need 4 x 13 amp regulated power sockets  on or near the set up area